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Events Calendar

10th December


09th December

Valedictory Ceremony Batch 2022

23rd November

Lec Dem - Theatre

21st November


15th November


26th September

Crux of Entrepreneurship

16th September

Lec Dem Contemporary Dance

10th September

Ice Breakers for Batch 2025

18th May

SCMC Premiere

17th May


15th May

Crux of Entrepreneurship Event

13th-14th May


11th May

Alumni Achievers' Conference

9th May


A PR Event

28th - 30th April

In True Spirit

An inter batch sports competition

27th April

Cinema Day

21st April

Students v/s Staff Cricket Match

25th March


An inter-batch Cultural Fest

16th March


An inter-batch Literary Fest

12th March

Lecture Demonstration

Ms Shumita Mahajan

21st February

Matrabhasha Diwas

13th - 24thDecember


An Inter-college Cultural Fest


18th Convocation



Batch 2021


SCMC Perspectives

Dr Sudhamshu Dahal

8th-14th November

Alankaar '21

Inter batch debate competition

23rd October

Lec Dem

Carnatic Music

18th October

Lec Dem

Storytelling in Dance Performance

9th October

SCMC Pramana

SCMC's First Research Conference

15thSept -

Orientation of Batch 2021-24

10th June

SCMC Perspectives

Mr. Vikram Bawa

3rd June

SCMC Perspectives

Rohena Gera

31st May

SCMC Webinar with Director, SCMC and team

'You and the New Age Media'

29th May


A digital event organised by PR students of Batch 2021

12th May

Lec Dem

Sufi Rock band - The Rudraksh



A short film festival organised by the students of Batch 21

3rd & 5thMarch

Guest Lecture

Mr. Smith Mehta


SCMC Perspectives

Valedictory Ceremony Batch 2020


SCMC Perspectives

Dr. Raju Roychowdhury


SCMC Perspectives

Mr. Srinivas Raj Melkote


SCMC Perspectives

Mr. Shoaib Daniyal


SCMC Perspectives

Dr. Natawan Wangchalard


SCMC Perspectives

Mr. Mayukh Ghosh


SCMC Perspectives

Ms. Kalpana Champawat


SCMC Perspectives

Mr. Narhari KS


SCMC Perspectives

Mr.Siddharth Anand


Symbiosis Lit Fest


Vigap League Round 2

07 October

Human Centred Design Thinking and Media

Dr. Monica Nandan

1st-30th September

Vigyap League

7th-13th September

Satrang An Intra College Cultural Festival

1st-14th August

Induction and Orientation Batch 2020-23

20 July

Battle of the Batches

An inter-batch debate competition

24 July


Hindustani Classical Music

27 July


The Art of writing for Stand-Up Comedy

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Why SCMC Pune?

SCMC was founded in 2008 under the umbrella of Symbiosis International University (SIU). Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication (SCMC), widely regarded as one the finest mass communication colleges in Pune, has successfully built a position for itself in the field of media and communication education since its beginnings. SCMC's courses are conducted by highly qualified, experienced, and enthusiastic instructors.

SCMC Pune provides students with conclaves, seminars, and regular academic work to help them learn more. Field trips, coursework, and case studies are advised as practical learning modalities to aid successful learning. A technologically focused research culture exists, as do internationalisation, centres of excellence, training and skill enhancement programmes, mock courts, and other components.

SCMC Pune provides students with a welcoming and competitive learning environment. In addition, SCMC Pune provides comprehensive academic placement programmes that help students obtain excellent job placements. SCMC The critical faculty members at Pune have substantial industrial, educational, and research experience, and our visiting and guest lecturers work in the media industry.

They collaborate to help students understand current events and changing market demands and create networks within the media world. One of the significant advantages of enrolling at SCMC is the networking opportunities available to students. Networking with industry experts and peers helps you gain insights and advice from people who have already achieved success. You might also learn about relevant news and forthcoming developments in your area.

Networking also teaches you how to interact with people appropriately. Students on the campus are encouraged to engage with their classmates and form long-lasting connections. The primary faculty at SCMC Pune have extensive industrial, academic, and research expertise, while our visiting and guest lecturers are working media professionals.

They work together to assist students in grasping current events and evolving industry demands, and building networks within the media community. It strikes the proper balance of tradition and innovation, providing pupils with an educational atmosphere in which to grow. Lectures, classroom discussions, case studies, group discussions, special sessions by industry professionals, simulated court sessions, personality training, and industrial trips are all part of the education at SCMC Pune.

SCMC's courses are taught by highly trained, experienced, and motivated teachers. Explore the courses in mass media available to you from SCMC Pune.

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