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Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication)

The full-time programme, revised from 2019-20, is spread over a period of three years and spaced out over six semesters. Benchmarked for quality and contemporary connect with the under graduate structures in apex Universities in the world, our programme incorporates lively theoretical lectures, hands-on practical sessions, tutorials, classroom presentations and take-home assignments. Furthermore, field trips, study tours, projects and an intensive internship structure help add to the depth of learning in the programme. A vibrant college and campus culture that encourages sporting & cultural events as well as club and association activities promotes in building leadership, camaraderie and competitive spirit.The following are the Programme Outcomes for the three-year full-time BA Mass Communication programme at Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication (SCMC).

Programme Outcomes


The B.A. (Mass Communication) three-year full time programme is structured as below:

  1. Multidisciplinary and Foundation
  2. Integrated: Core & Interdisciplinary Cluster
  3. Specialisation Concentration Cluster

The Foundation cluster is a set of essential courses required of all students, irrespective of their choice in major. Clearly aimed at providing a multidisciplinary perspective, the cluster primarily provides a sound base and transition into a more professional realm.

The Core interdisciplinary cluster is a set of common courses that have a high component of skills, professional inputs and inter-related content. The students in their second year have the option of taking up specializations in Media Communication or Communication Management.

The final year specialisation cluster is focused on specific professional areas that the student might want to choose in the course of his or her career. The Media Communication students can choose to specialize in Journalism or Audio-Visual Production and the Communication Management students may specialize in Advertising or Public Relations