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Here is what some of the students, parents, professionals and guest faculty have to say about their experience at SCMC

Testimonials – Students

Dharshanya Ramanan

(Batch 2020)

Being a person who is interested in art and design, I was looking forward to the course in Aesthetics and Visual Communication. From day one, my perception of art and design radically changed for the better. Before SCMC, I always looked at all artwork from a spectator’s point of view. This class taught me to look from the creator’s perspective.

Rhea Fernandez

(Batch of 2020)

Every day at SCMC is filled with opportunities to learn more, inculcate new values and gain great insight. Here we are urged to go beyond the drawn map, explore new ideas and understand the greatness of simple wonders.

Yugika Mittal

(Batch 2019)

This is a place where creative minds collaborate and you learn through others’ experience more than yours. The people you meet at SCMC are your biggest asset. You’ll be intimidated at first, but if you rise above it, you’re a challenger.

Ankita Chawla

(Batch 2019)

Today, I am what I am because of the challenges this institution helped me overcome and take those learnings forward in my life. I am thankful and proud to be a part of this institution.

Zubiya Athavani

(Batch 2019)

SCMC has changed me in more ways than I can count. I was never more exposed to so many opportunities before. This college also gave me the confidence to take them up so I could savor the taste of accomplishment.

Delzad Hiwale

(Batch 2018)

Today I am a graduate from this institute. Standing at the end of this bridge I am extremely happy about the decision I made. For all those who are standing on the other end of the bridge (the start), work hard, keep a track of the time and be honest.

Sujitha Sundaram

(Batch 2018)

Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication ensures that aspiring journalists are given exposure to the various kinds of media in which Journalism flourishes. Our professor had always given us hands-on experience, where he would send us out in teams to find and edit stories for in-class assessments…

Vishnu Venugopalan

(Batch 2018)

One of the best things this college has given me is the friends I have today. All of the people I surround myself with have helped me in ways I could have never imagined. I came across people who constantly inspire me, teach me, and push me to be better; to be the best version of myself and I am really grateful for it.

Saloni Mimani

(Batch 2018)

Before one knew it, from young students, we had transformed into mature professionals. Stepping into workplaces made us realise how well we’d been groomed, and the upper hand we had with so much work, knowledge and skill to show for ourselves.

Rohan Shukla

(Batch 2017)

This institute has taught me everything when it comes to looking at life with the ‘RIGHT’ perspective. As I step into the media industry as an aspiring Sports Journalist, I know I always have the support of my peers and my teachers.

Priyanka Prakash

(Batch 2017)

When I first decided to pursue my career in the field of Journalism, in India, my parents were worried I wouldn’t fit in...As I look back at the three years that I’ve spent at college, I am glad that I left the protective cocoon. Every obstacle made me stronger and I’m thankful for the support I got here, from my friends, professors and my seniors.

Testimonials – Parents

Kanwaljit Kaur

Thank you and your staff for regular updates of the events and the progress of our ward. We also appreciate the professional manner in which the course curriculum has been designed and executed.

Savita Nittur

A big thank you to TEAM SCMC for all the hard work in the last few months in converting our easy-going, happy go lucky wards into almost disciplined, nearly industry ready individuals. We whole-heartedly appreciate your efforts and attention and hope our wards will prove themselves worthy of the investment in terms of time and attention.

Beena Punjabi

SCMC-UG has taught my daughter more than just her chosen course. She couldn't stop talking about college. I must admit I was more than a little worried when I took the decision to send her out of town to pursue her education. Today I can rest assured that my child is in safe hands.

Testimonials – Industry Practitioners and Guest Faculty

Russell Barrett

CCO and Managing Partner, BBH

Extremely interesting and engaged students. They asked relevant and difficult questions from the get go. That’s always a fantastic start to a talk/presentation. They are smart, attentive. The arrangements were professionally executed too.

Pratyush Bhaskar

Media Consultant, RAA Media

Great bunch of kids with bright prospects ahead. Very enterprising students, interested to know about career opportunities in financial markets.

Nilakshi Medhi

Associate Vice President, Dentsu Creative Impact Pvt Ltd

It was a fantastic experience. The students were very participative and enthusiastic. The interaction was great in delivering diverse ideas. Besides the class, the overall arrangements are very commendable. My experience was really good. There were a lot of queries on practical problems, on departments, roles and responsibilities. It was great to bring the real world closer to them.

Chinmay Bhave

Sports Correspondent, NDTV 24X7

The students were aware and curious. They came up with interesting ideas and questions. The session was interactive and the students did very well in mock coverage assignment where they were supposed to design treatment for sports coverage on multi-media work.

Saumya Baijal

Associate Vice President, Lowe Lintas

Extremely energetic and articulate students. Keen to learn, debate and question. It’s been a pleasure to work with them to hone their understanding further. SCMC overall was extremely welcoming and warm.

Simon Wilmot

Senior Lecturer, Deakin University

(Regarding Interaction with students) I felt that they were very attentive and interested and asked good questions. The overall experience was very good.